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Social Media Manager Intern

Simply C 360 Productions is looking for an ambitious Social Media Manager Intern to join our wonderful experience for the Kenan Thompson Ultimate Comedy Showcase.

This project is an opportunity for someone that is either new to the industry and wants more experience or creators looking to build with a team based in Atlanta. This project will be shot at a live event and you will work in a fast-paced environment with lots of comedians, people, and celebrities.

We need someone that is comfortable using multiple social media apps such as (TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). This is a great place to be creative and add some new fresh ideas to the social media accounts for Simplyc360.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you please apply today

Kenan's Team

Here's just a few things the Network offers:

Young Stars 2021-2022

These resources alone can cost upward of $7,700/Month when you do this alone!

Our Network Membership is only $100-$200/Month!!
(Make sure to enter your promo code if applicable)

  • PHOTO, NAME, & LINK ON WEBSITE - $100/mo
  • Social Media Assistance - $500/mo
  • Sponsorship Opportunities - $1000/mo
  • Video Editing Workshop - $500/mo
  • Social Media Posts - $100 per post
  • Mental Wellness Sessions with Professionals - $500
  • Monthly Video Conference - $250/mo
  • Casting/Audition Opportunities - $100/mo
  • Monthly Marketing Ideas - $500/mo
  • Promo/Branding - $300/mo
  • Business Plan/Strategy - $1000
  • Monthly Coaching - $500/mo
  • Monthly Info Newsletter - $100/mo
  • Graphic Design Workshop - $250
  • Public Relations/Media Training - $2000/mo

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