About Us

About Us

est. 2010

Created by Actor/Comedian Kenan Thompson and Executive Producer Cherie Chiles-Buchanan who teamed up to help talented individuals reach their dreams.

Stand-Up Comedians

We want to help comedians get to the next level by providing the ultimate experience to the winners, in hopes of discovering the next big star!


Our team has been instrumental in developing and discovering young talent that has been on tv shows, movies, and tours!

VR Comedy Shows

Kenan understands that there are many talented people and fans that are unable to attend the LIVE shows, so he partnered with the premier virtual realty comedy brand Failed To Render to help bridge the gap between the venues and the MetaVerse.

Large Venue Tour

Kenan has joined forces with the biggest nationally known comedians around the globe to create comedy extravaganzas for thousands of fans. 

Master Classes

Knowing that talented people are still in need of knowledge, we have created various educational materials for comedians and young stars to learn more about the entertainment business and marketing.

In The News

Want to know more about all of our achievements, here are articles from all over the country talking about us.
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For a good Cause


A portion of the proceeds from the Ultimate Comedy Experience will go to the Cristian Rivera Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to find a cure for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare pediatric brain tumor that claims the lives of 200-300 children a year. Come out and support rising comedians while helping a great cause!

Kenan's Team

Here's just a few things the Network offers:

Young Stars 2021-2022

These resources alone can cost upward of $7,700/Month when you do this alone!

Our Network Membership is only $100-$200/Month!!
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  • PHOTO, NAME, & LINK ON WEBSITE - $100/mo
  • Social Media Assistance - $500/mo
  • Sponsorship Opportunities - $1000/mo
  • Video Editing Workshop - $500/mo
  • Social Media Posts - $100 per post
  • Mental Wellness Sessions with Professionals - $500
  • Monthly Video Conference - $250/mo
  • Casting/Audition Opportunities - $100/mo
  • Monthly Marketing Ideas - $500/mo
  • Promo/Branding - $300/mo
  • Business Plan/Strategy - $1000
  • Monthly Coaching - $500/mo
  • Monthly Info Newsletter - $100/mo
  • Graphic Design Workshop - $250
  • Public Relations/Media Training - $2000/mo

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