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Q: How can Young Stars 360 help those who are aspiring to be a star?

A: Our large and experienced network of Celebrities and Executives participate in workshops, conference calls, webinars, and other platforms that are designed to share valuable information with our participants. They are often scouting out talent as well. This Exclusive information will assist in leading Young Stars and their Parents, Managers, etc. in the direction of success.

There are also promotional opportunities with #YoungStarsTV, Take the Stage Worldwide talent showcases, our Social Media Pages, & other projects, that will give massive exposure to those involved. See Our Opportunities page for more.

Q: What kind of Young Stars can benefit from the opportunities offered by Young Stars 360?

A: At this time, we have opportunities for Actors, Singers, Dancers, Models, Rappers, Athletes, Chefs, Fashion Designers, Bloggers, Hosts, and Entrepreneurs between the ages of 5-25.

Q: Does it cost to participate in all of the opportunities provided by Young Stars 360?

A: No, there isn’t a cost attached to all opportunities. However, Most of the opportunities we offer are valued much higher than any cost associated with it. You may realize by now that there are many more Young talented people in the world than there are opportunities for them. There are also many levels and types of talent. Due to this fact, we have to incorporate a filtering process that helps us determine who is ready for which level exposure. This process requires a strong and dedicated team to ensure that the talents will benefit from the opportunities. The fees required cover the expense of operating such a great business. Click Here to Read about our Marketing/Promotions packages

There are also special events and programs that will be offered at no cost for the participants.

Also Review the guidelines for our invited TV show guests, Brand Ambassadors, and Promoters to see if you qualify for any of these positions. Click here for the guidelines:

Q: Is there any way to guarantee a spot on #YoungStarsTV?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that anyone will be a guest or a showcased Rising Star on the show. However, you can audition for the opportunity several times, and you will gain more exposure every time your video is posted on our website, social media, etc.